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December 7, 2011
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You Listen to Supergrass? by NicklausofKrieg You Listen to Supergrass? by NicklausofKrieg
let's just say i'm not a big fan of the Judge Dredd design direction of the Adeptus Arbites, something about looking like a comic book hero kinda displeases me when it comes to realistic police work
no offense of course to Judge Dredd fans or fans of the Arbites' design, this is just my opinion on how they should look

they're deigns were inspired by Russian FSB troops as seen in video games and real world depictions, i thought that they're heavily armed look is very fitting for the Adeptus Arbites

the one to the left is a member of an Arbites fire support squad, he's equipped with load bearing gear for a variety of firearms like shotguns, autoguns, heavy stubbers, and in some rare cases bolters. they're also equipped with a carapace armor to withstand simple small arms fire, so that they can easily step into a gunfight and bring they superior firepower to bear in support of their lighter units

the one to the right is a member of an Arbites melee combat squad he's equipped with lighter flak armor for extra movement speed and flexibility. they're also equipped with a variety of grenades like frags for room clearing and flash grenades, stun grenades, gas grenades, flares, and smoke grenades to cover their approach and disorient their enemies making it much harder for their opponents to fight in CQC, other than their iconic power mauls and riot shields they're also armed with sidearms such as autopistols, laspistols, and the rarer boltpistol
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While the fire support/riot gear Arbites looks very awesome with his segmented body armour and face plate, I think it's the tie on the right hand Arbites (Detective? Officer? I don't know Arbites ranks :P) that really makes this picture: just makes him look so much more realistic and human. Together, they ARE THE LAW!
pro12011 Apr 30, 2013
No one expects the Imperium Inquisition!
Well, the Aduptus Arbites are supposed to be more akin to the FBI (to use a very American example, and as opposed to the Inquisition's CIA, I suppose), so, as far as realistic police work goes, I'd assume that, given the nature of the game, most of the Arbiter minis would be more representative of something like the CIRG than field agents/investigators.
yes i do know not all of them look like this. but i based these guys particularly on the heavy armored arbites ie the ones who look more like riot cops than investigators
Pay no heed to the mis-spelling of "Adeptus" above.
Heh, I bet you'd have Space Marines in camo if you could ;)
i tried that once. Ultramarines get blue urban camo, while black templars get night ops camo, Blood Angels and Blood Ravens get red woodland.

i didn't go on with it ever sine i realized that it REALLY isn't their thing.
Nice, I always thought the Judge Dredd look was a bit excessive. But I have to ask what would your take on the appearance of an Arbites Judge?
Diggin' it. The original designs were always too flashy and bright for practical work.
Then again, this is the same world where tanks are painted bright red and yellow and everybody yells.
Great work as usual!:thumbsup:
This is the same world where cover is for pussies and the guns shoot exploding rockets full of mutagenic acid.
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