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September 30, 2011
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We're Employed by NicklausofKrieg We're Employed by NicklausofKrieg
just some more character studies this time they're redos of an old Inquisitor's retinue i drew up a long time ago

left to right we have a veteran stormtrooper sergeant a psyker a tech scribe and a combat servitor
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Hellsmechanic Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Cylexus Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013

Ah man I remember these guys, I miss writing about them. When my contract finishes up I should really get back into writing and maybe include these veteran nutters as well. :thumbsup:


Corporal-Yakob Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
I can't believe there are big chunks of artwork in your gallery I've completely missed, time to rectify that!

First off, some general comments: it's a nice change to see a more orderly and uniform looking Inquisitorial retinue then the usual mishmash of half naked Feral Guardsmen, hive ganger low-lives and upper class ladies of merit; implies a militaristic bent in the Inquisitor who hired them as if they had Stormtrooper or Commissariat training before joining an Ordos. Love the colour scheme as well, can't ever go wrong with grey and black for armoured badasses. :D

Veteran Stormtrooper Sergeant - Has a particularly awesome looking gas-mask design and the single orange eye-piece really stands out; a glowing targeting lens next to a hollow socket. Perfect for a Stormtrooper's intimidation factor!

Pysker - Looks human and innocent now but I bet those cables will light up with ethereal lightening and flail about in combat like possessed tentacles, which would be just damn cool indeed.

Tech Scribe - I don't know why but I immediately think "Russian cyberpunk assassin" when looking at this guy. Bizarre....regardless, love his tech mask/goggles combo.

Combat Servitor - I think this is my favourite of the bunch, it really captures the feeling of weight and durability a big, heavy duty combat servitor would have. Just a walking slab of armour and weapons. :D
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
oh i wouldn't know about that, you looking through all my old stuff and all.

well thanks, i always liked the variety usually seen in an inquisitorial retinue, but yeah, i've been seeing way too many criminals, primitives, and high society folks. these guys on the other hand look more like inquisition trained personnel, more like a special forces team than a gang of adventurers.
the inquisitor who hired them is actually of a more intellectual path though, he schemes and manipulates, and tests new theories.
he's actually an inquisitor :iconcylexus: made for his old warhammer fanfic "Das Boot Imperialis", these guys actually appear in the later chapters, fighting their way out of enemy lines before being found by the Tartarus guardsmen, i suppose you still remember the rest.

Gerhardt Schtrek (fromerly Streke, and later Strake, due to a typo in the fanfic that stuck.) as stated, he's a stormtrooper who's a veteran of inquisitorial operations. other than that, he's a bit shady background-wise, his face heavily scarred supposedly from serving a sentence in a penal legion in between his term of inquisitorial service. he's a highly skilled fighter, and a more than competent team-leader. he also seems to have sadistic undertones as he sometimes faintly displays some odd enjoyment in all the killing he does, though this has not been openly confirmed.
besides that, he has a very protective fatherly like relationship with the psyker, Nikki Fahl, being the only person who's ever been truly nice to her, going so far as to always make sure to save half his rations and all his sweet rations just for Nikki. he'd surely stop at nothing for her safety, and has gone through grueling abuse and great feats of combat prowess to make good on that.
i pretty much based his gear (and pretty much the whole team's look) off of Helghast soldiers.

Nikki Fahl well then i suppose the innocent look was purely intentional, she's a relatively fresh novice psyker just out of her teens, and while she seems to have staved off the kind of madness that plagues other psyker, she's rather introverted due to mental trauma and social stigma and hasn't really gotten along or fit in well with all the previous teams she's been assigned with, Gerhardt seemingly being the only one she really trusts. she's also rather new to her powers (which you rightly guessed, involves her head cables) with her ability's strength sometimes getting tied up with her stress levels, she has mastered the manipulation of objects though.

Grigori Diugtyn 120509 (formerly Daimio) well i guess his names does tie in with the Russian feel you seem to be getting from him, dunno where the assassin part comes from since he's quite inadequate in combat, he doesn't even know "where the bullets go" on some weapons. he makes up for with incredible level headed-ness though, despite the situation he always has focus on what he thinks needs doing, in short he's not the type of incompetent combatant that just panics. besides that he's a highly talented and teched-up scribe (if i remember correctly both his arms and eyes were bionic).

Jahad 038856 he's a combat servitor of very visionary design, his biological base is that of an Ogryns, his servos and powered movement is the same that can be found in Space Marine power armor, and his programming is relatively advanced if not a bit unstable. he has a rigidly civil manner to him, as besides full on combat protocols in his AI he's also programmed to deal with civilians, whether it be medical care to law enforcement. he acts as Grigori's assistant.
Corporal-Yakob Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013

I have to disagree there: I know it helps represent the freedom and variety of the Inquisition and its operations but I prefer a more standardized approach. Just my personal opinion though, one that pushes me more to the Guard then Inquisition. Ah yes, I remember; 
its a damn shame that story eventually just dried up. Seems most of the people I watch for 40K literature have given up on it. >_>

Gerhardt Schtrek - Hang on a minute, I think I actually helped create this character. I definitely helped come up with a ex-penal convict soldier turned Inquisitorial servant (original, I know ;P) at least. Anyway, enough plugging - its a damn good look. Was there a particular reason for the empty socket in his mask?

Nikki Fahl - Ah yes, pysker social sigma: lets piss off and traumatize the person with the powers to melt our brains with a blink! Aka the anti-logic that fuels the X-Men universe. Interested that her eyes seem normal; I thought the Soul-Binding all pyskers went through ruined their eyes.

Grigori Diugtyn 120509 :D My Russian sense is tingling correctly it appears; as the assassin, he just has that sci-fi assassin look: future balaclava, hi-tech goggles (and spiky haircut). 

Jahad 038856 Interesting description; a next generation servitor if you will, ideal for the Arbites yet almost certainly far too advanced and rare for them.
WDragon92190 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
I'm reminded of Wolfpack from O:RC
Corporal-Yakob Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
More like horribly retarded AIpack.....though I admit that doesn't sound as catchy.
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
WDragon92190 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
Operation: Racoon City
madness3200 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
lol the guy from the right up corner looks like the Deus Ex evolution guy :D.
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