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September 21, 2011
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Tools Of The Trade by NicklausofKrieg Tools Of The Trade by NicklausofKrieg
just some IG characters i sketched up and colored along with some of their wargear some of which i made up myself this is also my first time at drawing steel legionnaires and praetorians

A. Catachan Devil
5. Night Reaper
6. Catachan Fang
7. Devil's Claw
B. Steel Legion Pioneer
1. Molotov Cocktail
2. Improvised Demo-charge
C. Death Korps Grenadier medic
3. Multishot Syringe Gun
4. Poison Gas Grenade (fired from under slung grenade launcher)
D. Praetorian Iron Aquila Holder
8. Lancaster RPRG (rocket propelled rifle grenade)
9. Combat Tea
E. Kasrkin Sergeant
10. Blind Grenade (can be thrown or fired from grenade launcher)
11. Targeter
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MclaneJeremiah Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
COMBAT TEA!!! Praetorians are my favourite regiment, thanks to their British Empire feel. You managed to catch it perfectly! I imagine:

-"It's just the orks, Sir! They're here."
-"My God , Man! Do they want tea?"

Great Pic! Maybe you could draw another Praetorian next time, hm?
Hikaru-119 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Isn't she a little too cute for a catachan devil?
roflcopter666able Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
*Buzzing noise*
Wounded Cadian Guardsman: whats that noise?
*Buzzing noise gets closer*
Krieg Grenadier Medic holding electric bonesaw: ze sound of progress...
*screams of agony*

Yeah normally I would trust a krieg medic but a grenadier medic that looks like that I think not....
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
well since grenadiers are destined to serve until death in the most hellish combat zones i'd imagine their medics are not at all that comforting
Mogura Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
you forget one importent thing about deathcorps...

they arather kill you and take yoru stuff instead of carry you around and use medicine ....
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
yeah i know but salvaging gear is a role more specialized to their quarter masters (which are sometimes either known as being the death korp's equivalent of sergeants or medics)
i'd imagine if they had real designated medics they'd be more like combat drug dispensers and organ farmers along with mastering biological warfare

i'd imagine they'd simply pump a wounded soldier with drugs to make them ignore their blown off limb and just keep fighting (krieg medics would probably just be there to make sure soldiers keep fighting no matter what wound they got)

and anyway the death korps being who they are and doing what they do it would be interesting seeing how a krieg medic works don't you think?
MisterScourge Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Medic reminds me of the TF2 counter part. ;P
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
to be honest this whole drawing was kinda TF2 inspired
TheEldarFarseer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Losers or not, real men (and women) wear flak armor. Go Guardsmen!
randomeye713 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
that catachan woman looks interesting... *Looks closer* she's actually got leaves in her hair, that's really interesting.
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