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November 25, 2011
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This Week's Episode by NicklausofKrieg This Week's Episode by NicklausofKrieg
just some more concept drawings of that alternate history thing i did a while back [link] [link]

A. American resistance force mercenary
B. Former German soldier turned tsarist skeleton warrior
C. Elephant man
D. Soviet Dwarven Tankman
E. Dwarven clansman
F. Renegade US marine
G. British royal marine
H. Soviet soldier
I. American resistance fighter
J. Former French Templar

and before any of you start asking why i put this in the anime and manga section it's because my bro once theorized that drawings in that category get more views so i decided to put that to the test
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What are the American resistance forces resisting?
wait for it....


what's the French army you ask? only the most technologically advanced armed force to march the face of the earth as of 1919!

some of the stuff in this piece is obsolete now though. WW1 and major following events are covered here…
that link doesn't seem to work, it just takes me back to youtube's homepage.
got any way around this?
Just paste this in your browser.

PS:It's not a really important video.
I was just trying to use it to ask a question in a funny manner. :)

hehehe, Daleks...

well, things pretty much start to kick off during world war one, it ends in one year 1914-1915, Germany wins and completely cripples France's world standing with their own kind of Versailles treaty (hardly as a severe though).
this is where things start to take a Hitler-esque route, after having their economy crushed and some of their imperial assets revoked, a new nationalist movement manages to take power in all the post-war chaos in 1917. their leader, a self-styled second Napoleon Bonaparte gets France running again, and has his sights set on another go at the Napoleonic wars.
but first thing's first, he has to fund this upcoming war, so France begins prepping its now meager colonies for resources to support the war, but that just ain't enough. training an army of the world's most advanced automata is expensive you see, so France also invades America (who at the this time are fighting a massive civil war) under the guise of a peace-keeping operation, in response Britain starts a string of proxy wars against France, by covertly helping American resistance and instigating insurgencies in France's colonial regions.

basically a large part of the plot is centered around this cold war so to speak with France and the other European powers. another one of the main historical twists is that during the Russian civil war Lenin was assassinated so Trotsky is now the head of soviet Russia, once he crushed all white resistance and consolidated power he launches multiple campaigns on Russia's neighbors (central Asia and Scandinavia) to spread the revolution

another bit of depth is the addition of Tolkien-esque races and the opposing natures and practices of magic and technology, both of which are usually connected to social and political ideologies.
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Skeleton warrior? What the hell are the Tsarists doing?
well actually due to changes in lore, this title for him is now outdated. here's the more up to date background on him…
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