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July 7, 2012
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SS Kimono Crysis by NicklausofKrieg SS Kimono Crysis by NicklausofKrieg
just some small portraits i've worked on trying out some new design directions

the first one is a Death Korps Stormtrooper (assault trooper basically) with a more WW2 SS look rather than the usual modern designs i do the next one is an Eldar Farseer again i used an older style with a more ancient sci-fi look ditching armor for more robes and then there's a Vindicare Assassin (since i haven't drawn assassins in a while) nothing too different except i gave him a MOLLE chest rig for a more modern spec ops feel than the tight-suited superhero look most Officio Assassinorum guys are supposed to have
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No. 42 Waffen SS Division "Kimono" commanded by Obergruppenfuhrer der Waffen SS Reinhard Crysis.

Shut up it makes sense.

Now I really like the Death Korps trooper's camo pattern-he looks like he just stepped out of the Ardennes in 1944!
don't worry i like trying to make sense out of random things too

thanks i based that Krieger off of Walter Armbrusch himself!:D

:D It is quite fun, especially when you end up creating an out of character background for something.

I knew it! Even without a seeable face I knew it-its the belt of rounds and SS camo :D
i'm thinking about making a story about the death korps after thier little civil war and how they spread across other worlds but i'm not sure about what they look like, recently i have looked at your drawings and have been extremely impressed. if you have the time i would like to see more, would you be able to create more?
to call it a "little civil war" is a severe understatement my friend

but i think you're in luck, recently i've been planning some drawings illustrating how soldiers of Krieg looked like through its history so i think it'll help you out
perfect, i just need something like a cover really, something that shows who the death korps are.
also sorry for not saying this sooner but there was some problems that were to much of a high priority to ignore like e-mails and passwords and usernames hense the change in my username on this site, hope you don't mind.
Seems like the Farseer is about to say something sarcastic. Just me.

Also, hello!
yeah she does have that kinda face but i guess knowing the future and having a deep understanding can give you some sarcasm to use

hey, i haven't been that much active recently so thanks for stopping by
The Stormtroopers camo reminds me of the Fallschirmjäger camoflauge. Very nice. Love the stick grenade too.
thanks :D

well the SS wore camo like too though which to be precise is what mainly inspired the krieger in this drawing
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