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April 26, 2013
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N O N + C O M by NicklausofKrieg N O N + C O M by NicklausofKrieg
here are two not-so-combat-oriented followers

on the right is Jana Sigrid she's a German Half-elf Alchemist.
her workshop had to close down following the end of the war due to the heightened competition with companies growing bigger and being contracted by the government.
she'll choose to follow you if you're alignment is neutral to technological your chances are lowered if you're French though.
she's not really good at any combat skills, but she's a good supporting follower for neutral to technological aligned characters. she can help you out with barter checks, and if you can get the stuff needed. she can make a vast array of tonics, from the mundane to the exotic, from standard issue reichsheer tonics to powerful but experimental substances.

on the left is Nikolai Raslov he's a Soviet Dwarven combat engineer.
you'll find him in a small tsarist camp in Siberia held captive by pro-arcane insurgents who are about to execute him.
should you save him, he'll only choose to follow you afterwards if you're alignment is technological and if you don't have any arcane aligned followers with you. if not then he'll just thank you and be on his way.
he'll start out with either a Mauser Bolo pistol or a flaregun, either way his low weapons skill means they won't count for much.
his repair skill is the highest around, and he can lay mines and a wide variety of expolsives, deploy turrets and decoys, field a variety of combat automatons, and craft you a suit of machine plate.
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They seem equally interesting: perhaps if I use the Paragon interrupt I can have both in my party! ;)

However, the description of Tsarist insurgents has me thinking about what manner of fantastical madness they might have utilized......
awesome. :D
thanks, much appreciated! :D
luca0483 Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you have both with you at the same time?
If so, is there any combo-bonuses for having two tech-oriented followers?
The first thing i thought was Holy shit not bad. Then the second thing is that who to pick
wouldn't worry so much these two companions are quite compatible
I like the way you draw the ladies :) Both of their backgrounds are pretty interesting as well.
I'm trying to learn how to draw and I really admire your style. Any tips?
well thanks. i'm glad you like them :D

well sad to say this, but i can't really teach you much, 'cause to be honest my style isn't grounded on any technical basis i can teach you (let alone the fact that i'm a terrible teacher). i just drew a lot until it turned into routine and muscle memory.

all i can tell you is, just keep drawing, and keep experimenting until it's to your liking, and observe people, things, and animals, to memorize the general gist on how they look when they do things.
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