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People Of Interest by NicklausofKrieg
People Of Interest
Left to right.

Branwen Llewella          
A head member of Britain's Royal Arcane Institute, and master of the more ancient arcane practices. She made a name for herself back in 1885 as a key operative during one of the Institute's largest scale secret operations. As of 1920 she's 315 years old, and her lineage dates back to an old and very powerful Elven tribe from Britain's antiquity.

Edward Alexander
The Royal Arcane Institute's foremost field operative, and researcher in newer more modern fields of the arcane. Despite his very military like bearing, he's really just a scientist, but holds an honorary rank due to his recent extensive research in new military oriented applications of magick. Many people mistake him for an elf due to his overall appearance and impressive skills, but he is in fact just half-elf, and at the age of 85 he may be the youngest of the Institute's heads.   

Semyon Konstantinovich
Inventor of the Red Army's famous machine-plate armor and first ever recipient of the "Hero Of Socialist Labour" medal after the civil war. He started out as a lowly foot grunt in the Imperial Russian Army, where he had a terrible track record of political dissent which wound him up in a Katorga for assaulting a superior officer. He later managed to escape to a nearby town though and drifted for a number a couple years until 1916 he found his way to Saint Petersburg, where he set up an underground machine shop, and rode out the coming civil war providing arms for the Red Army.    

Seraphine Monsieur
Daughter of the great general, and war hero Telesphore Monsieur, and the true and rightful inventor of the French automated war-machine. She's practically a ghost-inventor (like a ghost-writer) as the truth about her contributions is just too hard for most to accept, it's mostly consigned to rumors. you can ask the average Frenchman on the street and at most he'd credit her for those designer prosthetics all the fashionable ladies are sporting, but never would anyone have imagined that such a young woman was behind the most technologically advanced armed force in the world. 

Telesphore Toussaint Monsieur
Known as the last great soldier of France, when faced with defeat on all sides he at least made it a valiant effort with daring attacks and stoic defenses, and many veterans who walk the streets today owe their lives to his great leadership and personal heroism. He's a hard-nosed military traditionalist, but unlike his contemporaries during the post-war reforms who were either disgraced by their failings during the war or left in outrage, he kept his seat in office and chose to utilize his expertise as best he could to get things underway, he is now at the helm of the new army.   
B E D D O E S by NicklausofKrieg
A. Dwarven females are a very rare sight, so much so that it's completely understandable for an outsider to die having never seen one. Even so rare that a considerable amount believe that, just like in the legends, dwarves simply sprout out of the earth. The average ratio is three males per one female, this makes them highly sought after. Females of child-bearing age are considered precious, to be sheltered and protected at all costs, this perhaps explains why they are so seldom seen outside. Due to this dwarven males are rarely seen not bent on making a fortune in their mines, hoping to meet the high bride prices, and be eligible for marriage.

B. As they start to enter mid-life, elves tend to settle down more and keep to themselves, sometimes even moving away back to their roots in purely elven communities. This is probably due to the fact that they may eventually grow tired of the company of "short-lived" peoples, indeed an elf who appears to have only just grown into adulthood would have probably seen two to three generations of human acquaintances buried. This may be backed up by the fact that cases of depression are especially high amongst elves who live in primarily human populated urban centers.

C. Gnomes are probably the most vulnerable of the minute races, they don't possess the brawn of dwarves nor the agility of halflings, But like dwarves, gnomes also form large tightly-knit families perhaps to have safety in numbers. Besides this though, one can rarely find a gnome who can't afford a bit of extra muscle. Such bodyguards like these are usually veterans of the second Franco-Prussian war.   
R E S I S T O R by NicklausofKrieg
Another old drawing.

A soldier of the Grey Sky militia from :iconahriman42:'s Lost Future project, a robot post-apocalypse setting.

I based him off of the far-right Ukrainian militias, to show Grey Sky's more militant and hard-line principles.…  
F U L A N I by NicklausofKrieg
Just an old drawing I decided to finish up, while you all wait for the bigger projects.

To be honest I never really liked the Arabian/British approach when it comes to the Tallarn. Usually they're portrayed as either exotic Arabian riders of old, or daring British commandos and armored units from world war 2 Africa. I wanted to try something more gritty and less romanticized.

So here we have a Tallarn infantryman based off of soldiers from the Iran-Iraq war………
if you don't know the details, you should look it up, it's pretty grimdark stuff. WW1 style trench warfare, chemical weapons, human waves to clear minefields, and religious fanaticism.

I also threw in a bit of Mujahideen influence to keep with the pious guerrilla fighter concept.

1. Working on one request.
2. Redrawing the crew of the "Alien Queen" (yes, that's the name of their ship). Alien Queen's Crewcut by NicklausofKrieg Some of them are looking pretty much the same, while others are getting overhauls, and some are taking up to four redraws to get right.

3. Working on some alternate history stuff too, at most I'll be drawing vehicles and big guns, and if that falls short I'll just be drawing stuff about dorfs.


While I'm still taking requests, commissions are also open with a "pay what you want" system.

Funds will go into certain things.

1. Been saving up for a nail-gun to fix the ceiling and other house problems.

2. A soldering gun for two electronic projects. Making an FM transmitter, and fixing a friend's headphones.

3. A copy of Dark Souls off of steam, since I've always just been playing solo on a pirated copy.


. . . . .

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