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1 9 8 6 by NicklausofKrieg
1 9 8 6
Just watched the 1979 film "Сталкер" by Andrei Tarkovsky (based on the 1971 novel "Roadside Picnic" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky) the other day. Of course neither the film nor the movie have anything to do with the Chernobyl NPP disaster though.

This drawing was mainly inspired by posters and some scenes of the film.…………

  1971, 1979, 1986, Ukraine, Pripyat, Chernobyl NPP, Stalker.
R O D I O N H E A D by NicklausofKrieg
Haven't submitted anything in a really really long time. It doesn't look like much, but I used a new technique to apply better line variation using pens on this drawing.

GP-5 gasmask.
Winter Obr88 Ukrainian TTsKO fatigues with liner.


. . . . .
man, world war one/ the 1910s is getting pretty popular nowadays…

it's been a great while since i've talked about the video game project hasn't it?

the project's on the back burner now, it's a goal that seems quite far down the line. i'm just waiting for the opportune time when all the personnel and resources have been shored up, and i can be guaranteed continued work on it. my small team of writers and programmers have went their own ways to pursue personal goals and responsibilities. nowadays has been a really busy time in our lives.

right now i'm more of concentrating on large projects i can tackle on my own. perhaps making a  pen and paper game, or gathering writers from here to do some handiwork as well, since that old lore book project is also on hiatus.

though come to think of it the game can wait. a lot of ideas in, lore, storyline, and character design has changed anyway.  

i've got lots of free time ahead of me, so i'm making a slow comeback. i've been sketching around here and there during the past weeks but never really finished anything. what i've posted just now is the finished stuff.

i've probably lost some clients who've requested stuff before the start of this whole lull. i hope i haven't lost all of them.

------------------------------------------… the Germans finally enter the mix, it also comes with some lore on the First World War. their uniforms are so damn simple! no pockets! a lot of buttons though.

here's also some concept art of friends and foes you'll meet in the game… elite Confederate ultra-nationalist troops… United States marines

alternate PC looks…

i've just finished up the latest and maybe final designs for the cast of playable characters in the game

the new designs set in 1918 to1920s…

the old designs back when it was set in the mid to late 1940s…

hey guys, check this new app out…
i think it's nice and all that they're trying to get youths aware of what happened in their city's past during the Blitz, and show them the destruction and horrors war causes. and i myself am pretty amazed at how they compiled all that information on the exact locations of where the each bomb hit. and of course i'm aware it's for that remembrance day stuff which is all good.

now how about Cologne or Dresden?


some of you may be wondering why those notes i promised containing info about about my "History Channel" project hasn't arrived to any of you. it's because there's been a change of plans, we're now going to write a book instead. it will be in a history book format and and if it's any good we'll put it up on amazon to rake in some money for the main video game project. it will contain plenty of facts and fluff along with lots of illustrations. don't worry if you don't feel like spending money on it though. since we'll also be posting a shortened version for free viewing either here or on an official website

"So few remember that the Boston Tea Party began when George Washington and his ragtag troop of Union soldiers holed up in the Alamo surrounded by Nazis. Luckily, before Napoleon could bring in his Terminator reinforcements, Hannibal saved the patriot army with his elite corp of elephant men."
-Stephen Colbert


some people have been asking quite a few question about the game i'm working on about my alternate history setting. one, some people asked if there's a website about it. nope there isn't one but maybe i'll work on that. two, when will it be released? we've still got a lot of stuff to finalize but when it's all done we estimate it'll take six months after that.

also the Soviet Machine Plate has been updated… (old machine plate design)… (new machine plate design)

also if anyone wants more info on the setting just ask i'll send you anote

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Cool 40k art bro
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thank you for the watch!
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Those steam punk drawings, are they apart of a video game of some sort?

If so I would play the he'll out of it.
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oh thx 4 the wh also if u need help merging fallout new vegas armors with nifskope axe me .
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